The Shredaverse is a community-led, music-focused collectable trading NFT strategy game built on the Ethereum network. Players strategically collect, trade, and stake their NFT instruments to grow their collection and earn the $HRED (Shred) ERC-20 token, the primary utility token of the Shredaverse ecosystem.

To begin, a genesis collection of 10,000 mintable guitar NFTs (CryptAxxes) have been launched.

Each genesis instrument is programmatically generated to be provably unique - populated by over 500 hand drawn components across 16 traits in every instrument. Based on iconic designs and legendary musician classics, each Axx was designed to stand the test of eternity. These NFTs use the ERC-721 non-fungible token standard with metadata hosted on IPFS on genesis sellout. The Shredaverse is aimed at the diverse and passionate crypto, gaming, and music communities, which span across all parts of the world, and every demographic.

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