Can I help work on the Shredaverse vision?

Yes! We're always looking for talented community developers, designers, and community managers to help execute. Join the conversion in our Discord and pitch your talents.

When are you launching X new feature?

Generally we will announce launch dates one to two weeks ahead of time. We will only announce new features or drops if we are fully confident they are ready to ship soon. Our overall goal for new features is quality and usefulness over quantity.

Are you open to promotions or collaborations with X project?

All of our collaborations are community pitched and managed by current token holders. If you are a holder and would like to propose potential collaborations, please visit the appropriate discord channel to coordinate.

Ethereum gas fees are high, will you launch on X ecosystem instead?

On genesis mint sellout we will introduce a Polygon bridge and instrument wrapping mechanism for to help ensure low gas fees for game players and power collectors. This still leaves the main collection on Ethereum to preserve holder value indefinitely as an original L1 minted asset.

When will this project "take off" and make me a millionaire?

We do not guarantee any financial returns on any purchases of our products or services related to Shredaverse gameplay. Buy at your own discretion for the fun of playing.

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