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Shredaverse dApp Phase 1.0

Estimated launch: February 2022
Includes the base functionality for gameplay: • Purchase Instrument NFT (COMPLETE) • Stake Instrument NFT (COMPLETE) • Earn $HRED Tokens (COMPLETE) • Claim $HRED Tokens (COMPLETE)
Shredaverse Phase 1

Shredaverse dApp Phase 1.X

Estimated launch: March - May 2022 (Multistep Release)
Includes added ecosystem mechanics: • Combination Multipliers (Boosts) (COMPLETE) • $HRED Token Leaderboard (In Progress) • Peer to Peer NFT Trading Ability (In Progress) • Exclusive NFT Collection Drop (Purchase w/ $HRED) (In Progress)
Shredaverse Combination Multiplier Example

Shredaverse dApp Phase 2.0

Estimated launch: June - August 2022 (Multistep Release)
Includes additional ecosystem mechanics: • dApp Expansion to Include New Actors • Musicians • Promoters • Listeners • Investors • Multiple Actor Game Economy Development
Phase 2 Example Game Mechanics