1. Start A Collection

To begin the game, players must collect and stake at least 1 instrument to start a collection. To mint a genesis Axx for gameplay, visit To stake your instrument to earn rewards, visit NOTE - Staking requires two transactions (One for approval, one for moving the NFTs to the vault)

2. Earn $HRED

Each instrument staked generates in-game revenues in the form of $HRED (Shred) tokens - the ecosystem's native utility currency. Learn more about the $HRED token.

3. Strategically Build

Users are incentivized to strategically acquire certain traits and add additional instruments to their collection to garner "Multiplier Boosts" (see Roadmap Phase 1.X), which act as $HRED token multipliers for your instruments. Multiplier boosts will be retroactive from the moment NFTs are staked for as long as they remain staked.

4. Strategically Shop

$HRED tokens are to be utilized within the game economy for things such as, but not limited to: minting / mining exclusive NFT item drops, modifying current NFT instruments, accessing merch drops, gaining dApp access (very important later), generating more MSC through powerups, minting metaverse wearables, and more.

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