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Multiplier Boosts

Earn More $HRED by Collecting Unique & Rare Traits

Multiplier boosts (on-chain) increase the daily $HRED earnings of collected instruments by adding additional percentage gains on top of the item's base score.
Players must have at least 3 instruments collected for multiplier boosts to become active. Each of the 16 unique instrument components have been crafted for the Shredaverse, providing a level of $HRED multiplier boost from 0 - 4% depending on the rarity of the component.

Item Boost Percentages:

Multiply $HRED Earnings With Multiplier Boosts From Specific Traits
With billions of combinations, players collect to combine unique sets of aesthetically pleasing, high rank components to ensure the highest possible multiplier boosts.

Boost Levels

4 Different Boost levels within the Shredaverse will show you a quick glance at what types of components (body, neck, color, etc) you need to collect.
Boost levels range from "No Boost", "Low Boost", "Mid Boost", and "Full Boost":
No Boost = 0 Boost Low Boost = Must Have 1% Boost or More Mid Boost = Must Have 5% Boost or More Full Boost = Must Have 10% Boost or More
Boost % is based on the rarity of the individual component, so rarer traits get you more boost %. (e.g. Gold tuners > Silver tuners, thus more boost %)