Community Ethos

Take heavy metal, mix in some punk rock, add a dash of hooliganism, and top it off with some web3 love and dank GIFs - what do you get? The Underground, the community that is the foundation of the Shredaverse. Described by the general Twitter community as: "grungy" "a bit gen x" "from the deepest bowels of web3" We strive to be a part of a community that sees long-term potential in web3 tech, one that loves music, one that wants to grow together, and one that has no desire for constant shilling, negativity, or FUD. Our founding team has no intention to shill our project to the outside world or pay for promotions. Instead it is our belief that the way to a strong community is for the community to build itself from within and direct itself on where it wants to go - our founding team is only here to help build out features using our web3 skills and get the momentum rolling.

Looking to help the Shredaverse grow? We're always looking for talented community developers, designers, and community moderators to help us execute the Shredaverse vision! The Underground Discord - join the discussion and apply today!

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