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$HRED Token

The $HRED (Shred) token (ERC-20) is the primary utility token of the Shredaverse ecosystem.

How to earn $HRED:

#1 - Collect or Trade Instruments Each instrument collected (staked) or traded in the Shredaverse automatically generates in-game rewards in the form of $HRED (Shred) tokens. Multipliers may be added to boost $HRED earnings (See roadmap 1.X)
#2 - Participate in The Underground Community participation generates $HRED token rewards through weekly voting and fund release contract methods. This is intended to reward contributors for their efforts in growing The Underground community.
Artist Visualization of the $HRED Token

How to spend $HRED:

$HRED tokens are to be utilized within the game economy for things such as, but not limited to: • minting / mining exclusive NFT item drops • modifying current NFT instruments • accessing merch drops • gaining dApp access (very important later) • generating more $HRED through powerups • minting metaverse wearables • and more.
The CryptAxx team will NOT be creating or managing a liquidity pool for the $HRED token as the token is intended for in-game Shredaverse use only.